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Thread: Cavaliers host old rivals Arks ...

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    Cavaliers host old rivals Arks ...

    The new, combination of the Coastal Cavaliers welcomed old rivals Arks to Meadow Springs on Saturday in a battle between old Championship clubs. Both teams putting everything into the new Premiership structure and both looking at this game for a first win having encountered some serious opposition in the first few games.

    Cavaliers appeared strong in the opening salvos, using some heavy artillery directly into the Arks defence, before employing some early kicking to maintain the territory gained and this paid some dividend with visits into Arks half resulting in successful penalties. However Arks with their zero tolerance of a kicking game kept everything in the hands and putting only those necessary into the breakdown reaped its rewards with some numbers wider that put the Cavalier's defence onto the back foot. The Arks scrum half generally controlling most of the activity, moving the attacks from side to side as well as the odd sniping incursion himself.

    A continuing theme of every break going into contact with outside backs consistently cutting inside coupled with inaccurate passing, made for several more phases than necessary however Arks visits into Cavalier's 22 eventually producing the spoils in several tries. With half time looming, three scores a piece Arks appeared to be in control given three tries trumps three penalties. Cavalier’s defensive structure appeared slow to form and well stretched by the Arks midfield, pretty much the reason Arks could move it around and go into the break with a further two scores on the board.

    Into the second stanza the Cavaliers responded to those late first half tries with some well-structured work and organised pods to reach the Arks’ line with some good midfield breaks being supported. A clear case for a penalty try for the Cavaliers was denied with Arks lazy defenders making early tackles on Cavaliers yet to receive the pass. Quick taps and quick hands saw this rectified with a deserved score to the home side.

    That lack of a kicking game from the visitors with their ambitious attempts at a ‘power try’ matched with an increasing number of errors, started to let the Cavaliers into the game who subsequently found some creativity and challenged the fringes and midfield defensive regimes to get a couple of scores on the board. One such score given to them by the standing Arks fullback, waiting for the ball to go out, the ball that isn’t exactly round and it bounced just inside the line inward and upward and into the hands of the Cavalier’s chasing winger to go under the posts untouched and forcing their way into contention for the game.

    Getting into a dogfight in the last quarter both teams battling for that first win, frustration turned into mistakes and an abundance of offside decisions resulted in the captains being spoken to with the entertaining scoreline at 37 – 42, the win was there for the taking for both combatants. Arks moved back to some disciplined carries and maintained possession, with the Cavaliers a man down from a high tackle yellow, they were stretched too far at the end of the game and Arks secured the points with a last unconverted try.

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    Great write up Kev

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    Yes good writeup Kev, so where’s the rest of the clubs?

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    Hi valc, here is a link to another:

    So good to see the Uni Club engage after the match - That is what Rugby is all about.

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