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Thread: World Series Rugby a fresh new Force to be reckoned with

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    World Series Rugby a fresh new Force to be reckoned with

    Been looking for this. Finally found it
    Hopefully RA will shuffle off too

    World Series Rugby a fresh new Force to be reckoned with
    Nick TaylorThe West Australian

    It would have had the stuffed shirt, stripey blazer brigade shaking their heads, shuffling off to find their pipes and slippers.
    World Series Rugby arrived at nib Stadium on Friday night with a bang, literally, amid the pre-game razzmatazz of fireworks, skydivers, rock music and dance shows normally associated with NFL.
    It may not have been for the purists, who are likely see it as akin to former England captain Will Carling famously describing the blazers running English rugby as “57 old farts”, but it was certainly different.

    More here

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    Nick Taylor as usual flying the flag for WA! His articles have been outstanding during this whole shimoozle! Maybe Wayne Smith could call up Nick for some pointers!

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    if there already isn't some kind of award for rugby journalism in WA, they should invent one for nick taylor.
    he's done a sterling job over the the whole kerfuffle.
    over the years, i've met him at a few away games in the eastern states & NZ and places like queenstown, reporting on the force.
    his persistence has to be admired, especially in the early days, as his employers were not exactly overenthusiastic in their funding of his attempts to keep the great unwashed informed.

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    cider my arse

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