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Thread: The Roaming Sea of Blue

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    Hi all,

    Hope to see as many of you as possible down at Pally today! Let’s see if we can beat the number who came along to Joondalup last weekend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
    Good to see a smattering of SOB at Arena
    Yep, plenty of SOBs. I can say there were a lot of people in ties showing a lot of affection around the joint.

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    You guys keep following me - at McGillivray yesterday. Alison - I was going to come & chat but was accosted by a punter wanting to praise the U20's ref and chat. See you next week, likely

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    Y'know, A whole heap of credit must go to Alison and the Sea of Blue initiative. There were and I daresay still are those sceptics who bemoaned the initiative of bringing the non aligned sea of blue supporters to support Community Rugby. Many of these naysayers also predicted the demise of the 3 new clubs, scorelines through the grades of 100 points plus, lack of competitiveness, poaching of players and general gloom and doom.

    Yes we are only into Round 5 this week, however from what I saw at the foreshore yesterday indicated to me a wonderful step forward.

    Arks - were very competitive in all 3 grades against Neddies - in fact at half time Arks Premiergrade were right in the contest. Last week Southern lions had a win against Joondalup and I have not seen any scorelines that have blown out.

    Yes it is still early days, but over the next 2 seasons, I can only see further improvement.

    Sea of Blue have supported the games, the bar and food at each of the clubs they have been to, and I am told a few have also offered more help to the volunteers at some clubs.

    Yes there was a 3rd grade forfeit in round 1 - but that was Palmyra an entrenched Premiergrade club and Neddies 4th grade did register a loss over 100 points.

    Congratulations to RugbyWA for pursuing this growth in community engagement and Congratulations to you, Sea of Blue supporters, I do hope you have and will continue to enjoy the positive spirit of Community rugby.

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