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Thread: Trial Matches This Weekend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulvio sammut View Post
    Or is there another one?
    I think your Google fu failed you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exile View Post
    I do know about Club Rugby in other states and I do have an intimate knowledge of Sydney Subbies Rugby.
    let me give you some information-
    A few belated additions to your points.

    Things heard over a couple of cleansing ales at The Greengate.
    1. Incredulity in the Moore Park bunker that NRL round one matches in Perth attracted a crowd of over 38,000.
    2. ARU/RAs' obsession with attendance numbers at SR matches and viewer ratings. Main fear of Moore Park heavies is that total attendances at Australian SR matches in 2018 may be less than total attendances in 2017.
    3. Moore Park bean-counters regularly ignored when they try to remind the heavies that it's not about the numbers attending but about the revenue which is generated. For example, cut-price admissions to GA at AAMI Park aren't helping the revenue position of the Rebels.
    4. Moore Park's present view on Twiggy Ball appears to be that if they ignore it, then it may go away.

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