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Thread: Canterbury Rugby Union and Crusaders buy into new Seattle Seawolves team

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    Canterbury Rugby Union and Crusaders buy into new Seattle Seawolves team

    The Canterbury Rugby Union and Crusaders have taken minority ownership stakes in the American professional rugby side, the Seattle Seawolves.

    The Seawolves formed in 2017 and will play in the new North American professional competition, Major League Rugby, which starts in April.

    The Canterbury Rugby Union is a major stakeholder of the Crusaders and both say they will look to help develop players for the Seawolves.

    "As the oldest rugby organisation in New Zealand we are excited to have secured a small stake in the future of professional rugby in the US," Canterbury Rugby CEO Nathan Godfrey told

    "We look forward to sharing our expertise of developing some of the world's best rugby players with the Seawolves."

    The Seawolves will have their first MLR game on April 22 against San Diego Legion in Tukwila.

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    Nice idea, and a chance to: a) give some fringe players some experience with rugby elsewhere, and b) get some cross-pollination of coaching ideas.

    I've a feeling that many American rugby players will have experience of college sports programmes, the coaching and set-up of which can be light-years ahead of some professional sports+. More thinking outside the box from the shaky isles. Mindaroo should be considering this, as well (IMO).

    (+because, of course, American college sports *aren't* professional, no, of course not!)

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    Was thinking the same thing. Could learn a lot about managing and marketing sport from the yanks, both what to do and what to avoid...

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