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Thread: Peter Grant and Marcel Brache commit to new Western Force era

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    TIF, best you and your scruffy mates listen and learn re club stuff.

    There's some serious skullduggery going on at joondalup; hoping that the barrel starts leaking soon. Westie is clearly out of his depth and has less tentacles than he makes out.

    I'm now going undercover to obtain the info I'm chasing.

    Re the topic of this thread; I hope we have some better players coming. Should start the process with a marquee signing announcement not two bench warmers.

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    I am really a Palmyra troll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIGS20 View Post
    Personally it's a bit of a non-issue

    Coaches often get away with it and they would be considered management.
    Hey, it's a small matter of perception. I don't want to overemphasise it, but it's still a thing.

    Would you refer to your employees or staff as "two boys"? Or be happy for your boss to publicly call you "boy"?

    It's a minor slight even if not malicious and is often the wrong vibe for a coach, too.

    • It can either paint him as wanting to be one of the boys, and that perceived "neediness" undermines effectiveness ...

    • Or, in a different tone, it might go the other way and come across as a little arrogant... the coach is The Man and everyone within his team is a boy ... that can go wrong quickly too when there are racial differences involved.

    As a coach, you want to be in charge but still respectful of the guys in the team.

    In Hodgson's case, he's continuing to speak informally because that what he knows from his former role in the game.

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