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Thread: Can anyone help the Bibbulmun Track Foundation with new accommodation?

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    Can anyone help the Bibbulmun Track Foundation with new accommodation?

    The Bibbulmun Foundation have sent out this SOS email today. If anyone can help, they would love to hear from you...

    After more than 20 years operating above Mountain Designs in the city, the Bibbulmun Track Foundation is looking for a new home. We were devastated to hear a few days ago that Mountain Designs is closing its doors in WA and so, not only are we losing a greatly valued sponsor, but we are also losing our office space. (We also feel for the MDs staff members who have lost their jobs).

    Our current office has been generously provided by Mountain Designs as a sponsor since 1997. It was great synergy being above an outdoor equipment store and this free space in a central location was not only convenient for the thousands of walkers that came through our door but helped us to become a stable organisation.

    We have less than a month to vacate and are putting this call out to all our contacts in case anyone knows of a business or organisation that might house us in their premises, sponsor our accommodation in a suitable building or sub-let at a reasonable rate.

    Although time is tight (we have to vacate by 5 February), we are ideally looking for a long-term solution - but any temporary accommodation will obviously be considered.

    We currently have three rooms:
    Front office (includes the retail component, hire gear and 4 workstations) 35m2
    Centre office (main business operations with 6 workstations, meeting table and filing cabinets) 48m2
    Back office (meeting room, merchandise stock, 1 work station, computer server,) 18m2

    That all comes to 101m2 if we were to find something to replicate what we have. Of course, we are looking at any options that might be viable for us and at a minimum we would require no less than around 70m2.

    If you have any suggestions or contacts - please reply to Steve on this email as soon as possible.

    In the meantime, we hope our next communication will have more positive news and we wish you all a very happy 2018!

    The Bibbulmun Track team.
    Bibbulmun Track Foundation
    Mountain Designs Adventure Building
    Level 1, 862 Hay St, Perth
    PO Box 7605 Cloisters Sq, PERTH, WA 6850
    T: (08) 9481 0551
    F: (08) 9481 0546

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    TIF just got back in real estate didn't he? He might be able to help out or might have some contacts.

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