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Nah, Stade de France is rubbish. I won't comment on the London Olympic Park, not having been there.

Look, the Perth Stadium will be fine for AFL and cricket.

That's what the government designed it for. Their interest in soccer is minimal. Even their bid for a Bledisloe will be a one-off. That won't be returning anytime soon, so no problemo.
all the stadiums i know of or have visited with 'moveable' stands are still rubbish for the rectangular sports.
you are still miles away from the pitch and the retractable stands usually have a rubbish view.
the word is that london stadium would have been better and cheaper to demolish and build a new rectangular stadium.
11k glory crowds in a 65K stadium AFL stadium? give me a break.
it's hopefully just bargaining bullshit.
yes, glory did get a couple of 42K at subi in grand finals, 17K fans and 25K JCL's.(it was still a shit atmosphere in that dump)
28K at a converted WACA was better.
the WA gov, among others, are to blame for not building the 35K stadium at NIB about 15 years ago. the plans were drawn up.
now all we have is the same old shit grandstand and a new stand that faces directly into the afternoon sun.