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Thread: Andrew Forrest's Indo Pacific Rugby Championship stalls over Rugby Australia demands

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    Andrew Forrest's Indo Pacific Rugby Championship stalls over Rugby Australia demands

    What a disgusting money grabbing bunch the Rats Arse really are. They get themselves into a financial disaster, refuse Twiggy's $50million, but then ask for more when they think they can hold him to ransom.

    Nick Taylor

    Mining magnate Andrew Forrest's plans for a new Indo Pacific Rugby Championship have stalled after Rugby Australia hit him with a series of “un-commercial” demands.
    RA has issued a four page letter of conditions that need to be met before they will agree to the tournament.
    Forrest needs RA to sanction the new competition to get further approval from World Rugby.
    It is understood Forrest is seeking further talks but if there is no agreement the competition could stumble.
    He could take it overseas or set up a true rebel competition.
    It is understood this is the third sheet of demands and that RA has demanded more money from Forrest.
    Forrest has already spent $500,000 on the plan with 20 people, including former Force captain Matt Hodsgon and ex-Wallaby Michalel Lynagh, presenting the plan throughout the Indo-Pacific region and to World Rugby.
    Forrest was prepared to commit $100 million a year to the new competition that was triggered by RA's axing of Western Force from Super Rugby.
    He was also set to plough $20 million a year into a new professional Perth-based franchise and had committed to a further $10 million in a new rugby centre of excellence.

    More here

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    Complete and utter w**kers!!

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    These ar$eholes burning rugby, Clyne and the board, have to go

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    Extortion. Pure and simple.

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    I finally got sick of getting marketing emails from companies that are partnered with Rat's Arse, so I sent this missive direct to Taylor's Wines.

    To whom it may concern.

    I have just received a marketing email from your company, distributed via the Rugby Australia mailing list. It has prompted me to respond directly.

    My views do not relate to your product in any way at all, I am simply hoping to alert you to the impact your company will receive through your partnership choice.

    I am a Western Force foundation member and I was an avid Wallaby fan, right up until the point that Rugby Australia decided (in approximately August last year) to irresponsibly and vindictively destroy rugby in Western Australia. I, and most of my friends are now actively avoiding using the products of companies associated with this act, assuming that those who lie with dogs will get fleas.

    It is completely your prerogative with whom you choose to do business, but I would counsel you to seriously consider whether you want to be associated with the organisation that has destroyed rugby in Australia.

    WIth respect.


    I suggest a flood of these sorts of emails to known sponsors is in order. (perhaps overdue)

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    C'mon the

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    Im just gobsmacked.

    Wayne Smiths article states ARU/RAs concerns about what the IPRC could do to club rugby (shute shield). They are absolutely destroying rugby over here.

    Taken away our super side,

    havent denied removing the spirit,

    no attempt at including us in the 10s (all rugby has to go through RA) even though the piggies made it to the semis

    No tests in 2018 but 2 for Melbourne who only had 13-14k turn up last year

    They are pushing WA club rugby in administration.

    IPRC can compelety revive rugby in WA and give players, members, fans alike something but wait the Shute Shield might get affected and suddenly our gorverning body feel the need to do something.


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    And this from an organisation that as been ignoring the Shute Shield for quite a while anyway. I'm with you mate, I can't believe what I'm hearing.

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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