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Thread: Matt Hodgson confident ARU will back Indo Pacific Rugby Championship

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    Hear hear James.

    There was a fear that the Spirit were part of the Assassination Agreement and you couldn't run that team while in Voluntary Administration without funding. If Twiggy and other dedicated people like John Edwards weren't around Rugby WA would be in liquidation by now and closed as the RA let that situation happen.

    I put Cameron back in his place on the Roar that it was all lies that Twiggy could have saved the Force in April 2017. Total rubbish his board had a vote on the team to go in October 2016 they could have said then and there that they had voted the Force to go. This was highlighted in the August 2016 minutes on the Senate Inquiry website prior to the signing of the Assassination Agreement that the RA were going to vote in October. Instead they lied publicly to the players, the press and the fans that there was a process. The Accenture report had been released well before the public and the players knew about it. Dragged the Brumbies in to it when they weren't going to get cut, prior to that their results were good and also put a freeze on contract signings which saw players leave Australia to go overseas. Some couldn't get a club.

    These people need to be put in prison not ruining the game as a personal fiefdom. Senator Reynolds said ASIC are still building the evidence. How much evidence do we and the Senate Committee not know about. She put out a Tweet the other day saying her lips are sealed. Does that mean she knows that they are finally going to be brought to task?

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    Link to Senate Report

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    Even with a Future Force, players who get good enough would leave- until the NRC became professional. I agree that things should be different.

    Thing is that I don't trust RA not to knife us again at any chance they get. We are not Queensland/NSW. We are not their power base. We are an expense to them from an NRC perspective (travel costs).

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