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Thread: ARU tactics are cowardly - Andrew Forrest

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    ARU tactics are cowardly - Andrew Forrest

    BILLIONAIRE Western Force backer Andrew Forrest has accused the Australian Rugby Union of “cowardly” tactics in the Super Rugby saga and said they’re targeting the Force for removal because they’re out of sight in WA.

    Forrest’s spray came as the ARU and Rugby WA continued to play the waiting game for a result from last week’s arbitration hearing, which will determine if the ARU can shut down the Force.

    Forrest was this week likened to Donald Trump by Force centre Curtis Rona and the WA mining magnate lived up to that billing in a feisty Sydney radio interview.

    Explaining why he was backing the Force, Forrest slammed the ARU for litigating with the Force, accused the national body of being “eastern seaboard-centric” and also fired shots at Melbourne and former private owner Andrew Cox for the “underhand” deal last week that saw ownership transferred to the “penniless” Victorian Rugby Union.

    “Which ever way it (the arbitration) goes, either for the Western Force or against the Western Force, for me it doesn’t matter,” Forrest said on 2GB on Tuesday.

    “Let’s just make a decision on what’s best for the game

    “Litigation is not leadership. Litigation is a very weak form — I think almost a cowardly form — of getting any agreement done. It’s the last resort.”

    More here:

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    That's pretty much a transcript from the radio interview on 2GB

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    To be fair to Twiggy, he tried to play down the East v West angle but that's a juicy one for journos to hone in on for click bait.

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