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Thread: ARU chief operating officer Rob Clarke has resigned.

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    I love watching the Aviva Prem games - great rugby and generally quite tightly fought games. And I am positively zinging at the prospect of the 3 Lions tests against the ABs!! Delicious :-))

    The dreadful state of the game in Australia is 100% the fault of the ARU and the myopic vested interests that orchestrate its every move. Can't decide if it's arrogance, naivety or rank incompetence but whichever way you look at it, they look like a bunch of charlatans masquerading as competent sport administrators. They've been caught with their pants down and the rest of the rugby world is revelling in it.

    If the ARU were a 'proper' business with shareholders and an ASX listing, its stock would have fallen so low now that it would be rated below junk status.

    Enjoy the champers and canapés in the First Class lounge at Tokyo airport Bill.

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    arrogance, naivety AND rank incompetence

    Fixed Ali

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    Quote Originally Posted by fulvio sammut View Post
    You been on the sauce again Gerry?
    We all miss TLH...

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