USA Rugby’s first professional league has been scrapped a mere eight months after it launched in April this year.

Rugby Today reports PRO Rugby owner and CEO Doug Schoninger has blamed USA Rugby for the state of affairs after all the players were informed their contracts were being terminated.

Schoninger claims the national governing body failed to protect PRO’s exclusive sanctioning rights and the decision comes after he had a long meeting with USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne in New York last week.

In a letter to the PRO rugby players, Schoninger wrote he hoped PRO and USA Rugby would be able to resolve the matter in the next month, which is the termination clause period in the players’ contracts.

While players should be paid while they’re still employed over the next 30 days, receiving two more paychecks, most were contracted for 12 months and will lose out on money they’ve already earned. The league year officially ends March 13, 2017, leaving contracted players light more than two months’ pay.

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