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Thread: Loe finally admits cheap shot

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    Loe finally admits cheap shot

    Loe finally admits cheap shot

    Fox Sport, July 28, 2006

    FORMER New Zealand enforcer Richard Loe has finally come clean on one of the most notorious acts in Bledisloe Cup history.

    Loe's forearm pulped the nose of Australia wing Paul Carozza after the jockey-sized speedster had scored a try then rolled on his back on the stroke of half-time in the second Test at Ballymore in 1992.

    Last night, for the first time since his act of infamy, Loe admitted to The Courier-Mail from his home on New Zealand's south island that the attack was deliberate.

    "I probably did (mean to do it) on the day, yeah," he said.

    "It would be easy to say to you, 'hell no' or I regret it and I shouldn't have done it. I probably shouldn't have done it.

    "But it was done, I did it, and I probably meant to do it on the day.

    "A lot of people have asked me what happened and all I say is it can't have been that bad because both of us walked from the field at the end of the game, and we both talk now.

    "There's been a lot of water pass under the bridge, we've spoken regularly since, and I don't think Paul holds any great grudges."

    Australians never doubted Loe's intentions, and the outcry after the match was led by Wallabies coach Bob Dwyer.

    "It was late and it was cowardly," Dwyer fumed.

    "It was a disgraceful incident. One that has no part in this game. I couldn't believe it when I saw it."

    But the All Blacks defended their tight head, scoffed at thuggery allegations, and explained that Loe was unaware the ball had been grounded.

    New Zealand coach Laurie Mains even suggested a conspiracy was at work between the Australian media and Dwyer.

    Mains called the furore a beat-up, claiming that Dwyer was hounding Loe because the Canterbury farmer was such a good scrummager.

    Loe will be back in Brisbane for tomorrow night's showdown at Suncorp Stadium - only the second Bledisloe Cup match played in Brisbane since that memorable three-game contest in 1992.

    He is no stranger to these shores since ending a playing career touched by further controversy when he was banned for eye-gouging a fellow All Blacks player in a provincial match in New Zealand.

    "I'm in a farming practice with a chap in Western Australia," Loe said.

    "I've got a very good mate out at Wagga. I get to visit Australia five or six times a year at least.

    "I enjoy the company of Australians and both countries have a lot in common. The only thing is when we're playing each other, whether it be netball, league, union or tiddlywinks, we like to kick each other's arse."

    Loe remains burned into the Australian psyche for dirty deeds, but his scrummaging prowess was also renowned.

    He believes the crop of young props emerging for the Wallabies is encouraging and filled with potential.

    "Guy Shepherdson and Greg Holmes have played well until now, I think," he said.

    "They've been up against experienced front rowers like Tony Woodcock and Carl Hayman.

    "But the young Aussies will have their work cut out this week."

    The Courier-Mail

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    "Bloody oath we did!"

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    wow .. 14 years after the event - I wonder why bring it up now ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burgs
    "I'm in a farming practice with a chap in Western Australia," Loe said.

    Quote Originally Posted by Happy
    wow .. 14 years after the event - I wonder why bring it up now ?
    I don't know anything about the guy (other than he's partners with Burgs) or about the incident but I'd guess that he has probably been ask the question a couple of thousand times over the years and finally just answered it so he doesn't have to hear it anymore.

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