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Thread: All Blacks star Aaron Smith suspended following claims he 'had sex in airport toilet'

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    Quote Originally Posted by shasta View Post
    Good point (I think) .Pretty sure Leilani Lei may have beaten her to it tho - doing an AB 9, that is.
    She's had more tests than Byron Kelleher.

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    Aaron Smith may have misled All Blacks bosses in sex scandal

    Anna Bracewell-Worrall
    3 hrs ago

    The woman who was caught with Aaron Smith in an airport toilet last year has released a series of text messages that appear to show the rugby star lying to cover his tracks.

    If genuine, the messages show Smith convincing the woman to lie in a legal document, misleading his coach and attempting to deceive his partner.

    The All Blacks star allegedly had sex with the woman in a disabled toilet at Christchurch Airport in September 2016.

    He claimed it was a one-off incident and apologised for his "huge error in judgement".

    But the woman told the Daily Mail Australia that she was involved in an affair with Smith for two years.

    "When we got caught he lied about what had happened and asked me to stick to the story he had told his new girlfriend and coach, which essentially put the blame on me," she told the Daily Mail Australia.

    "I was definitely the scapegoat so that he could get out of it, he threw me under the bus to try and save his own career."

    She said frustration with her portrayal by Smith and All Blacks management led her to release the messages.

    It's bad timing for Smith and the All Blacks, ahead of their Bledisloe Cup test against the Wallabies on Saturday night.

    The extensive Facebook conversations appear to show Smith and the woman initially planning their liaison at the airport using sexually explicit language.

    After news of the scandal breaks, the tone of the messages changes, with Smith allegedly laying out a story in which the pair chatted and "nothing happened."

    "What I have said is u message me, to come for a chat. I came for a chat, nothing happened in there. I said I got all flustered and left OK. But if anyone ask you something, please say that. Only my coach been hit up ... I'm hoping nothing goes to media OK. Please stick with this, I'm hoping u won't get brought up OK," the screenshot message says.

    In a follow-up message, the person identified as Smith attempts to convince to woman to lie on an affidavit - a document for use as evidence in the court.

    "Hay u, OK are you will to do a sawn afterdavided to say we didn't have sex in there ...?? Cause they calm there a video and can hear noise but u weren't loud at all ... So if u swar that we didn't have sex then nothing may come out in media and will save me heaps Hun. Hope u keen."

    In repeated messages, Smith tells the woman to delete the messages and to stick to the story.

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    Jaysus, food poisoning conspiracies, bugging hotels and training paddocks, toilet trysts, clown suited coaches.......the press is spiralling downward towards the level of the Telecrap Vs Courier Mail at Origin time.

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    wood yuo tryst Ar0on Smiff?

    sooooo.....the official story is Smith hookered up with a poor handicapped girl in the disabled toilets and only "chatted" to her cuas he got fulstered after seeing her in a wheelchair and did a runner.

    Not sure thats a rully good cover story Aaron

    A better story than Kurtleys though

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    It's states in a book by James Kerr - Legacy - "You can be the best rugby player in NZ but if you are a ****head you will NEVER be an All Black"..Has standards under Steven Hansen dropped - ????

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