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Thread: Finals 2016

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    They'd be fine as players, but we need a captain who has the respect of the ref's.

    Richie mccaw had that and it meant he could virtually tell them what to call

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    C'mon the

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewg View Post
    Evidently only 8,600 people attended the game.

    A bit tragic, despite the weather, that such a small crowd turn out to support and watch the top team in the Aussie group.

    Says a lot about the general growing lack of interest in attending matches.
    The Brumbies attendance has steadily decreased from >17,000 in 2009 to about 11,500 in 2016.
    The drop-off for other Aussie franchises, over the same period, show a similar trend:
    Waratahs: 24,000 to <20,000 (down to 17k in 2013)
    Reds: >30,000 - 17,000
    Force: >17,000 - <11,000
    Rebels: >17,000 - >10,000 (only since 2011)

    I'm looking forward to watching the remaining SR Finals as they well be free of the diabolical Aussie Fox Sports commentators.
    I heard many employers gave their charges a half day too to go to the match.. a lot good that did

    Thank goodness no Aussie Commentators...I wholeheartedly agree I won't have to watch the remaining games to classical music

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