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Thread: Rio Olympics: Australia’s men’s and women’s sevens squads unveiled

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    Not sure about including Rugby 7's in that argument. I think, if you asked the players, they might easily tell you that the Olympics IS the pinnacle of their sport. And that's all that counts, I reckon.

    The 7's WC has only been around a short time, so is that established as the pinnacle? The women's team competed in their first ever WC knowing that the Olympics was still a possibility for some of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
    Why yes; yes I am. The synchro folk don't have that many other competitions in which they can ply their trade. They should come along to the Olympics to have a crack.

    Yep - add that one.
    Ahh ok, I see where you're coming from now, and yeah, I'd agree based on that.

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