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Thread: Western Force's Jono Lance: 'We must balance passion with fun to get results'

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    Western Force's Jono Lance: 'We must balance passion with fun to get results'

    Western Force's Jono Lance: 'We must balance passion with fun to get results'

    April 29 2016 - 8:44AM
    Jono Lance

    Following five consecutive defeats the Western Force look to secure some much-needed points at nib Stadium as they entertain the Bulls on Friday night. Fly-half Jono Lance tells WAtoday the time for talk is over and the team must start playing with smiles on their faces...

    Season 2016 so far has been one that has been a learning experience for everyone involved.

    With this endeavour to play a new style, the team has concentrated on every minor detail of being in the right place at the right time, cleaning out the right breakdown and playing in the right end of the field.

    This acute attention to detail has lead us away from one of the major aspects of 'why do we play rugby?'

    We play for the enjoyment and fun, for the camaraderie of our teammates whom we spend 75 percent of our weeks with, we play for our friends and family and most of all we play for the privilege of wearing the Western Force jersey.

    The first point about the enjoyment of the game is one that we have looked at greatly this week as we push to reignite our season. Playing for the same reason we played when we were kids is key, for the fun and enjoyment it brings us.

    After this point was raised it was easy to see that our drive to play the way we know we can had got in the way of having fun whilst doing it. Playing with this balance of passion and enjoyment in my opinion is when teams perform at their best, when a player is smiling on the field it's generally because everything is happening naturally and that's when a player has freedom and is in their element.

    The rest of the season cannot look like the first half; the time for talk is over. We know the way we want to play and definitely can play, now it's about putting it out on the park for 80 minutes and doing it with a smile on our face as we want to enjoy playing with our mates and taking the fight to our opponents.

    This is why we have been playing the sport of rugby our whole life and this will bring the best out of us.

    Western Force take on the Bulls at nib Stadium on Friday night at 7pm.

    Good insight into how they have trained to play. As most on here have noticed that playing with too much structure and rigidity has been to our detriment and is taking a while to get away from. On defense a good structure and system is required but too much structure and predictability has become an outdated way of playing at the higher levels on offence. The basis of the game has always been about playing with ball in hand, let the ball do the work and pass to someone in a better position than you are in and most importantly have fun doing so. They are now recognising this and are making it a focus, maybe a bit late for some punters, but it's at least being acknowledged and rectified.

    Go get em boys, Force for the win. Chur

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    I've read too many articles in the West about doing this and doing that. Puff piece.

    Come out and say these things on the back of hard results.

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