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Thread: ARU urged to put national comp on hold

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    ARU urged to put national comp on hold

    ARU urged to put national comp on hold

    A group of Sydney clubs is calling on the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) to delay the start of its new national competition because it fears it may force traditional teams to fold.

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    Sensationalist twaddle, the only Clubs that will fold will be those who keep fighting it rather than getting proactive this season and sure up their supporter base and sponsors while they have time to be creative!
    It has certainly rattled some cages amongst the traditionalists however, for our code to go forward, we must embrace this change AND support the traditional Club base as well.
    Less than 1% would ever make the jump from Schoolboys to APC so there is a huge role to be played by all local Club Comps around Australia.
    For so long the NSWRU has been the spoilt brat of Australian Rugby, always getting what they want at the expense of the National game, now is the time to make the next step and spread the power base.

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