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Thread: Two by three bums for free..

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    Two by three bums for free..

    Hi All,
    I'd like to introduce you to Imelda and Aisha. Some years ago they fled their country of birth to escape a red cordial flood and government cronyism. After 18 months traveling by fairy tale and warmer than air balloon, they arrived in a suburb east of Perth. Fearful of their lack of pallor and piety they appealed to the very good nature of my sweet heart. She quickly agreed to hide them from the very scary Ork Morrison and her games room became their secret shelter. For too many days now they have been entertaining them selves with her ludes collection. It is likely they can best us in any tile we currently own.

    However as Ork Morrison is now much more interested in pieces of eight, than souls, we believe it safe for them to come out. Both of them have seen very little sun and are quite trim. Their agreeable nature means I'm happy to deliver them under your roof for the princely sum for a carton of craft beer or some cheeky summer whites.

    The mercenary in me considered applying a bounty to their ownership transfer, but on consulting The Eucalypt', I find that souls such as these are generally free. If you have need of a place to ease your leg load, or have children you badly need to move out of the family home, please consider these two three seater ladies.

    (the colours look really washed out in the pics, but they are actually pretty nice)
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    cheers auss...
    fabricarti diem punc

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    Are you sure they're not the ones my wife and I bought when we got married in 1974?

    No, I don't want them back.

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