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Thread: Baysie v Soaks ... last Sat, the 18th

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    Baysie v Soaks ... last Sat, the 18th

    I've never minded going to Baysie; easy to find, easy to find parking and a good setup with several pitches all in proximity to the facilities. This however was a pretty quiet affair with a sprinkling of spectators all seemingly there to watch the inevitable.

    The game started with absolutely no fanfare, both teams on the pitch awaiting the whistle in near silence. Only the soaks 9 could muster a few words of encouragement to send the pack on the kick off chase. This flat start was followed by a possession each for the sides, both sending dreadful half back passes that looked like the 9/10 pairs had had a domestic in the changing rooms, only for the soaks 10 to pick it up of his feet quite skilfully.
    This was pretty much the possession of the half for Baysie as Soaks deployed a simple game plan of working round the corner to outflank a pretty unstructured defence. Simple hands and a bit of pace saw the first try on 5m. Then 5 mins later and 5 mins after that! It got to 31mins to secure the fourth try.

    Baysie started the second half at nil to a bonus point, but the changes made an immediate impact with some urgency coming in their play that was worn down before the break. However, basic handling errors saw the few attacks crumble without troubling the Soaks back three.

    Eventually after a brace of multi phase pick n goís Baysie got some reward as desperate passing was actually held for a break in the midfield 4m out for the only score on the home side of the scoreboard. This then was followed by a defensive line out from Soaks followed by pace, hands and 4 phases to score at the other end, which just about sums up the game.

    Defensively the sides were poles apart, Soaks holding a well-structured, vocal line with good line speed and in the main, effective one on one tackles. Baysie were pretty much the antitheses in all aspects with a D line that waited for the onslaught, which duly arrives when youíre waiting, coupled with some very loose tackling as players simply didnít hold on. At times there were defenders in the right channels and tackles made, but if the tackler is thinking theyíve done enough, the attacker doesnít and easily breaks the incomplete attempt.

    Both teams displayed a dreadful kicking game with frankly, desperation from Baysie as the last resort was reached all too quickly, but the Soaks halves had 3 charged down, not the 9ís best performance given the afore mentioned passing.
    Stand out displays from Baysie didnít amount to much but the second half 9 had a gutsy display and got that urgency out of the pack ahead of him, a pack with a lock whose mobility is great but his body position needs work Ö any work would be on benefit. The Soaks 8 had a tremendous work rate and was involved in almost everything, both constructive in support and being available as well as a defensive presence, albeit he does look better suited to an openside role.
    Whilst soaks will be best pleased by the result and their performance at this early stage of the season, attacking and defensive patterns all working out, it was their supporters whom let down the club. There was a Baysie red card for a needless act, but a management team member running on that most certainly wasnít medical staff ... was pointless. It was the throw away comments by the club stalwarts on the side that was also needless, purposefully for the video to record, as the look up to see if the cameraman heard was evidence enough.

    For Baysie, I would suggest the woes will continue with the skill levels on show and the lack of application. A great pity given clubs in this situation in WA rugby for I enjoyed my afternoon at Morley, a hospitable club with the best roast beef n gravy roll on the circuit. Thanks Perth Bayswater.

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    My compliments.

    Very competent and professional piece of prose.

    Almost Shakespearian.

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    Sounds like it will be a long season for Baysie....
    Thanks for the write up kev, we don't get enough coverage of the local Rugby games

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    Thanks Kev, that was such a refreshing review to read - was one of the most informative pieces written on here for a long time.

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