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Thread: What makes you go WTF???

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    The absolute lack of coverage for Rugby League/Western Force by Channel 7/The West when so much support was mentioned in the fight to keep the Western Force alive.

    Where' the support Kerry Stokes?

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    You have a very suspicious mind. Which is probably well founded going off that long winded rant from the Chairman which never got around to actually deny that they are in deep financial do-do.

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    On the back of thie details of this ridiculous article, I’d love to see the proof of where $9mill has ACTUALLY been given to grassroots & community.
    RA has insurance for Folau case but belt-tightening will hurt game
    Israel Folau is taking Rugby Australia to court seeking damages for unlawful termination of his contract. Picture: AFP
    Israel Folau is taking Rugby Australia to court seeking damages for unlawful termination of his contract. Picture: AFP
    12:00AM JUNE 8, 201933 COMMENTS
    Rugby Australia won’t go broke if it loses its legal battle with Israel Folau, because it has already taken out a $10 million insurance policy to cover any damages claims.

    However, the sport’s governing body could still be faced with the bleak prospect of having to cut funding to important grassroots and professional programs *because the $10m covers only *employment practices liability.

    The Weekend Australian understands the policy does not include legal fees and the $5m in salary the former Wallaby is also seeking as part of his application to the Fair Work Commission.


    Blackout fears as unit dies
    Folau’s hefty salary is included in Rugby Australia’s budgets for the next four years but an early payout would leave a giant hole in the administration’s already tight finances for other programs.

    Backed by a top barrister and a commercial law form, Folau is suing Rugby Australia and NSW Rugby for unlawful termination of his contract, saying he was fired for his religious beliefs.

    He is seeking $5m in salary, under the Fair Work Act, plus damages.

    He has not specified the amount of compensation he’s after but his lawyers said the figure “will be substantial”, which translates to millions given Folau’s superstar status in the game.

    The $10m liability cover means Rugby Australia won’t go bust even if it loses the case, but it will take a massive hit.

    The knock-on effect of having to fork out a $5m lump sum payment and pay legal costs will have catastrophic implications for everyone else in the game, from professionals to grassroot participants.

    For now, Rugby Australia remains confident it will win the case, arguing that Folau was sacked for breaching his employment contract, not for his religious beliefs.

    The independent panel that heard his case agreed, finding the 30-year-old guilty of a high-level breach of the code of conduct and recommended his contract be ripped up.

    As such, no decisions have yet been made on which programs will face funding cuts, but if Folau wins, someone else will lose in the hip pocket.

    Rugby Australia made a $5.2m profit last year after generating revenues of $120m, but is forecasting a loss this year because of the World Cup, making any decisions about funding cuts even more gut wrenching.

    Rugby Australia pumped $9m into community rugby last year, to cover the costs of various programs for schoolchildren, women, indigenous players, referees and coaches in all states and territories in Australia, involving 271,000 participants.

    But Rugby Australia says it will never shut down its popular *grassroots programs, so any cuts will have to be spread across the game.

    Therefore, it could also have an *effect on national and state teams that Folau used to be part of.

    Rugby Australia spent $9.2m on high performance and national teams last year as well as $16.8m on player payments.

    The team costs for the Wallabies was $9.7m and the national sevens teams, including the *champion women’s side, which won the Olympic gold medal in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, were given $5.7m.


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    The RA are paying premiums on a policy that is useless. I am not surprised in the lack of due diligence there.

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    Jesus those figures are garbage. Interestingly the amount of $9m is mentioned at 3 times...I suspect Chinese Whispers has conflated several instances

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    A public liability policy will:
    (a) have been in place for many, many years,
    (b) not respond to the action referred to.

    Some form of Statutory Liability, or Business Practices Protection with EPL extension policy, however...

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