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    Quote Originally Posted by Forceable View Post
    Said whitewash is exactly the reason it doesn't happen. Hale aren't interested in the development, nor in developing players or the game, they want kudos, prestige, bragging rights. This is not a specific bag against Halebut true
    Aside from the 200 boys playing in the senior school and the many that play in grades in the clubs across Perth, try Dane & Ross Haylett-Petty, Justin Turner, Luke Burton, Ryan Hodson to mention but a few.

    Not quite sure of your agenda but feel free to chat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XSteve View Post
    Say no more
    Thanks for giving me three minutes to reply.

    I would love to chat with you in person about this, but I don't see that it's going to happen.

    If you read my posts, they pretty much all talk about how the 2013 Hale vs AC game wasn't a complete embarrassment for AC. I don't seek to bag Hale, but if I wanted to, there'd be plenty of rumours out there which I could point to.

    I was planning to list some of them here, but others on the site are easily able to do that.

    The thrust of my point (whether it was well made or not) was that the team I was standing behind was at a really low ebb at that point. Hale was as traditionally strong as they have been for several years and I was proud of the individuals who stood up and represented their colours in the face of overwhelming odds.

    Did we go into the game knowing we'd get spanked-yes, however boys who probably wouldn't make the bench at any other school went onto the pitch that day and gave it 100% for 80 minutes in the face of a cricket score. I found something positive out of that, if you didn't then you are the one with the problem.

    I get that you are a proud Halean, and for that I congratulate you, but don't cheapen your school pride by taking offense at imagined slights
    (wait for the direct ones, there are plenty out there)

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    C'mon the

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