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Thread: RWC 2015 - Ferguson prevents game at Old Trafford

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    RWC 2015 - Ferguson prevents game at Old Trafford

    STRIKE another one up for Scotland over Australian rugby. We can reveal one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s last acts after 26 years as Manchester United manager was to scuttle plans for the Wallabies to play at the club’s famous home ground, Old Trafford.

    Having promised to spread the tournament through England, the organisers of the 2015 Rugby World Cup wanted to stage Australia’s Pool A match against Wales in Manchester.

    Concerned about the ground getting munched up with scrums and rucks, it’s understood Fergie personally intervened and convinced club bosses to pull Old Trafford out of consideratrion for the RWC venue pool.

    The Wallabies-Wales match was then set to be played at Wembley, until someone realised the NFL has a booking for the ground for several weeks in the tournament. No games, just a booking.

    That was out too. The Welsh then kindly offered to host the Wallabies in Cardiff, and the dollar signs gave organisers brief pause. But hard ARU lobbying won out, and the match will be played at Twickenham.

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    One Western Force player was recently found lying drunk and shirtless holding an empty bottle of whiskey in a public street. Meanwhile, another player is battling a substance abuse problem.
    is that true or tounge in cheek ?

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    I hope the latter.
    Same as the bit re. The HB
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    Big whoop; play the game at Man City's ground instead, better stadium anyway.

    For the life of me, I don't understand why they want to use ANY grounds outside of England for this world cup. The idea was that it would be one country only, which has never been done at a British Isles world cup before. If they really want to go outside of England for this tournament, then they should do something a little different and use Amsterdam Arena for big pool games or a quarter-final. And using Wembley for only TWO matches is effing stupid.

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    Japan and the Pacific Islands for Aussie Super 9's!

    Let's have one of these in WA! Click this link: Saitama Super Arena - New Perth Stadium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Happy View Post
    is that true or tounge in cheek ?
    Sad but true. Also true re HB I hear. Wants a V large sum for his services which TWF just cant match. A couple of Wallabies caps and $$$. Its a fair call but sad to see him scouting elsewhere.

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