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As we are all aware the "academy" being run by the Force is not a true academy because of lack of funding. If they get an academy up and running I think we'll see a somewhat different makeup of players.
Oh and by the way. Five players in an academy does not make a Premier and Reserve Grade club.
Don't forget RugbyWA said Joondalup has to find at least 30 new players of Premier/Reserve Grade standard before they can even be considered.
The Forces' Levels 3 & 2 are very much a true "Jnr Academy" and a fair representation of U15's to U18 elite players in this state. (About 20 give or take)

Level 1 have between 12 to 16 at any given time and generally 18yr and over, but I wouldn't imagine injecting 200K would change the "makeup of players"????, just increase the size of the level 1 Academy (slightly) and possibly allow another 1 or 2 fulltime trainers and access to supplements, more external tutors re nutrition, drugs in sport, FB, booze n woman etc. and probably a tour over East annually.

Here's hoping we get this injection of cash back into our Level 1 Academy; IT IS A MUST!!!!