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Thread: The Gasnier Saga finally ends

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    The Gasnier Saga finally ends

    Fresh from the East is the news that Mark Gasnier has finally made a commitment to end the longest running saga since Blue Hills.....or Joey Johns at least.
    After fiff faffing about and playing off between the two codes for half the season Gasnier has committed to the St George-Illawarra Dragons through til 2011 for a reported $4m, including third party payments as big as his chin.
    It would appear that the NRL and the Dragons have had to pull every available string to keep their stallion in the stable, hopefully there is some chaff left for the rest of the Dragons coming off contract in the next couple of years!
    Read all the chest thumping from the mungo's here:




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    Hoo-bloody-ray! Was he ever serious, or just using rugby as a means to an end?

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