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Thread: Inside Rugby Magazine's predictions for 2011 Super Rugby

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    Inside Rugby Magazine's predictions for 2011 Super Rugby


    1. Crusaders
    2. NSW
    3. Bulls
    4. Stormers
    5. Queensland
    6. ACT
    7. Force
    8. Chiefs
    9. Sharks
    10. Blues
    11. Hurricanes
    12. Cheetahs
    13. Lions
    14. Rebels
    15. Highlanders

    I think we will finish in the Top 6 and the Sharks as well!

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    You think we'll finish in the sharks? That's not good

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    Stormers will do the best in the SA group. Followed by the Bulls and Sharks. Cheetahs and Lions to suck. Crusaders to top in NZ followed by Blues and Hurricanes. Chiefs to be ok. Highlanders to suck. Waratahs to top in Oz. Reds and Force to fight out with Brumbies and Rebels to prop the table.

    1. Stormers
    2. Crusaders
    3. Waratahs
    4. Bulls
    5. Blues
    6. Reds
    7. Hurricanes
    8. Force
    9. Sharks
    10. Brumbies
    11. Chiefs
    12. Cheetahs
    13. Highlanders
    14. Rebels
    15. Lions

    You read it here first.

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    Although it's not guaranteed to be two from each co,inference into the finals, that's pretty likely.

    My call would be
    Stormers and bulls by a long way

    Crusaders and whoever gets their shit together out of the blues and canes

    Probably the most open conference of the three, nobody standing above the pack by as much as the others, but a bit of a logjam for top two.
    On paper, the tahs would walk into top, but they have a history of shooting themselves in the foot at crucial times, so that might not happen.

    Reds are amazing when on, but they play a style of footy which, when it breaks, breaks big. They'll either take it out, or crash and burn, toss a coin

    Force will be steady, and competitive as long as the turmoil of last season and a complete new coaching structure don't trip them up. I'm cautiously optimistic, but wouldn't be surprised if we missed it

    Even the brums might have a shot, there's some real class in the team, but gits just seems to be cursed at the moment and I can't see a team in which he features prominently having the ticker to make finals footy. I'd be delighted to be proven wrong though

    Rebels, well they're old, and looking pretty slow and mercenary, but they have some big names and a cracker of a coach, so they have a bit of x factor to offer. Seriously, I don't think they're a shot at better than 13, but geography dictates them as my number 2 team, so I have hope

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