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Thread: Match Report : Qantas Wallabies vs Fiji

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    If Robbie is picking on form there's no reason, baring injury, that a Barbarians starter can't play himself into Saturday's match.

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    Let's face it boys, this was Fiji, Robbie was taking the opportunity to shake off the cobwebs and have a quick look at a few combinations.

    The Baa Baas will be the same thing, Every player will have had some serious minutes and given their opportunity to book a jersey for Saturday, some will handle it, some won't.

    Burgess won't make the bench based upon that tripe!

    Kurtley might stay in 15, but it'd take a bit of a howler by rabbit to ensure that happens. Quade's safe, Gits probably is too. I can't see the Baa Baas second row unsettling the incumbents, and the only (real) option in the backrow is Hodgo.....who could replace Elsom, but I wouldn't field a Force backrow without a far stronger lock than Dean it probably won't happen.

    Benny McCalman has a bit of a shot at playing into a bench slot, if only because I wouldn't be surprised to see a bench loaded with forwards, he only has to beat Hoiles then!

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    I believe Pekker might only play one half tomorrow as they do want him for Saturday.. remember hes only really had half a game so farm, and probably needs to bed down a little more before england.

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