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Thread: Brumbies turn attention to Johansson

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    Brumbies turn attention to Johansson

    Brumbies turn attention to Johansson

    I can understand the Brumbies going after Mitchell, he's a top player with a huge future and they do have a bit of a hole at Fullback, but what purpose do they have for going after Johansson?
    I think that Gene Fairbanks has been doing a great job in the abscence of some of the big guns at the Brumbies and should be backed to permanently fill the void that Giteau will leave.
    With a Fairbanks-Mortlock Centre pairing they still have Adam Ashley-Cooper, Clyde Rathbone and Anthony Faingaa to cover, Mark Gerrard to Fullback and Ben Batger, Peter Owens and Tim Curran as spare Outside Backs as well.
    Perhaps they are cooling on the idea of Rathbone replacing Mortlock at #13 at retirment?
    If they waited until post S14 '07 I think there will be some pretty handy Force players looking at their options, rather than further fleece the Reds this year.

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    As one of few Qld based supporters, I shall have to respond. Firstly, will the last person out of the Reds team please turn off the lights! What you've posted is correct and shows that we are deep into the 'silly season' of players off contract.

    Johansson has barely cracked a starting position this year, even after Flatley's retirement and re-shuffle of backline. Since then, the run-on centres have been Huxley and Tune. He can impact off the bench, but why would he go to Brumbies for more of same? I blame greedy managers for all of this - they're only interested in more money (for themselves-20% now) , and not the players career- especially if the player's short of an idea.

    This must be to lift his contract price with Reds. Also in the same article was this pearler;
    "The Brumbies say they are already on the verge of signing Reds utility player Julian Huxley for the next two years."

    So now they want both Johansson and Huxley to warm their benches!
    The nonsense in all of this is that Tune is injury prone, which opens the way for Johansson to start, and Huxley is only just holding down his position. Throw in DMitchells move to Force and you'd think a backline utility player was needed now (Huxley).

    I'm hoping both come to their senses and stay at Reds ! Where's the smelling salts?

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