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Thread: Wank from Spiro @ Roar

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    The team desperately needs a new and Australian coach who will hopefully drop Nathan Sharpe as captain and build a new squad around David Pocock as captain and a number of the younger players.
    What a load of wank

    I'm sure Spiro even has a candiate for the job as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jargan83 View Post
    What a load of wank

    I'm sure Spiro even has a candiate for the job as well
    Does anyone take any notice of Spiro really???? Has he EVER said anything good about the Force..what the hell would he know....Cheesh!!!

    I am sure Nathan would just take it for the tosserism it is...Plonker....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hertryk View Post
    Does anyone take any notice of Spiro really????
    Mudskipper is a fan. Dribbles on at Spiro's website occasionally. But I think he's been muzzled there too.

    ---------- Post added at 12:43 ---------- Previous post was Yesterday at 16:07 ----------

    Only contentious refereeing decisions by the inexperienced South African Jaco Peyper saved the Waratahs from a deserved defeat. After being correctly strong about defenders releasing the tackled player for most of the match, Peyper allowed Phil Waugh, on his own try line and at the end of the match, to snaffle two turnovers before the tackled player had been given time to release the ball.

    Well he got it right today, at least. Rod Kafer was the only one in commentary who mentioned it though. Funny, that.

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