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Thread: Why can't the Wallabies do this all the time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jazza93 View Post
    Yea, but we had an absolute joke of coaching and administration, this time we have plans and coaches that are purely looking towards the WC.
    Yeah I guess so. And I suppose that all the average age of the players is significantly lower. It's a reflection on the form of the team that Drew Mitchell was a star of that tour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIGS20 View Post
    Why not?

    Surely that's purely speculation, fear and closed-mind thinking. If you're at the top of your game, and the pinnacle of your profession who's going to stop you from ALWAYS playing like that.

    I reckon one of the biggest problems with the Wallabies (and it happens to match the biggest problem with the Force) is that the players don't believe it IS possible to always play like that.
    Now I think about it, won't always play like that is probably more appropriate. Other competitive teams? Home ground advantage? Injuries? A couple of factors would have an influence, yes. They have the potential to always play like that, but realistically I can't see it happening. But some more consistency would not go amis.

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    I see where you're going Robyn, but it still sounds like copout bullshit to me. The team needs to strive for perfection, believe they can achieve it, not accept less. They don't think like that, they mouth platitudes about how they have been working hard and are improving, they emit empty words about how disappointed they are, but I get the feeling they're justifying to themselves why they lost. I feel they're thinking it's not possible to play high quality rugby all the time.

    I think that's the true cancer in Australian rugby today!

    the AllBlacks don't seem to have the problem!

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshrugbyfan View Post
    He knows he paid Gatland off for the Welsh lads to throw the game.
    Nothing like a little bribery and corruption to get a result. Beats contaminating the their food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by welshrugbyfan View Post
    He knows he paid Gatland off for the Welsh lads to throw the game
    You would want to hope some form of bribery was involved. Wales were shithouse

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