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Thread: Western Force Squad v Blues

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    Western Force Squad v Blues

    Here's the team announcement hot off the press folks.
    Welborn replaces the injured Vedalago, Sare to cover Staniforths suspension.
    I think we have a shot at this, the Blues have been hot and cold all season and it is one of those games that could stumble the punters and tipsters alike.
    That said, I think the smart money has to be on the Blues by a few.
    These are incredibly tough, character and team building, days for the Force and for mine this is the last meaningful fixture to get a win from, after this (if a loss) I would think eyes will be turning towards 2007 and get the maximum development out of the remaining '06 fixtures.

    Western Force Squad v Blues

    1. Gareth Hardy
    2. Brendan Cannon
    3. David Fitter
    4. John Welborn
    5. Nathan Sharpe (c)
    6. David Pusey
    7. Matt Hodgson
    8. Scott Fava
    9. Matt Henjak
    10. James Hilgendorf
    11. Digby Ioane
    12. Haig Sare
    13. Josh Graham
    14. Gavin DeBartolo
    15. Cameron Shepherd

    16. Tai McIsaac
    17. Angus Scott
    18. Luke Doherty
    19. Tim Davidson
    20. Chris O'Young
    21. Scott Daruda
    22. Brock James

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    We will be really stretched in the centres as Rua Tipoki has been tearing it up for the last few weeks and really pressing for a AB jersey, Tuitavake has been in great form the last 2 weeks as well but aparently has been benched this week.
    Which tells us they have some serious depth there... The other problem is Doug Howlett is back and from the team list posted on RugbyHeaven Waqaseduadua has been dropped, which is pretty amazing considering he was in the planetrugby team of the week as one of the wings, which means they also have some serious depth there.

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