Victim of Jakarta attacks, Aus Diplomat Craig Senger shared his love for the game with many young Indonesians

Whilst living in Jakarta, Craig chose to play for the Jakarta Bantengs, a club made almost exclusively of young Indonesian players. Craig chose to play with these developing players rather than join a mostly expatriate social/club side. Craig saw playing for the Bantengs as a great opportunity to pass on his rugby knowledge to young Indonesian lads, most of whom are new to the game and have not had the experience of growing up with rugby as most young lads do in Australia or other countries.

A great trait of Craig’s on the rugby field was his commitment, determination and spirit to succeed. All of these characteristics summed up a lad who gave 110% for the Bantengs whenever he pulled on a jersey.

Another great feature of Craig was the friendship he showed towards his Bantengs’ team mates, endearing him to become a ‘Brother’ as all the Bantengs’ lads refer to each other.

Craig will be sorely missed by all from the Jakarta Bantengs, but the Bantengs and Indonesian Rugby as a whole will be better for the experience of sharing Craig’s love and passion for rugby.

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