Vetell it like it is

On to happier sporting sexual matters and yes, I did know that would keep your attention. The 21-year-old Sebastien Vettel is apparently the rising star of this year's formula one racing competition, and TFF was told this week that in interviews he ain't your usual cliche-a-thon contestant with four on the floor and overdrive button ready to flick into action at a moment's notice. After his first F1 win last year in Italy, a journalist said to him, "This must be the best day of your life?"
Vettel replied: "You obviously weren't there when I lost my virginity."

Goannus horribilis

The spirit of rugby lives! After a good season last year in the Mid North Coast Rugby comp, the Bowraville Goannas have been doing it tough, including a 48-0 loss last week. Shortly afterwards the president of the Hastings Valley Vikings, Chris Dolden, sent a carefully worded email. It was extremely respectful of the Goannas' proud history, and acknowledged that having the odd bad result didn't mean a team was necessarily in trouble, but did the Goannas possibly need a hand? Some joint training sessions perhaps, or in the next encounter, would the Goannas like the Vikings' home game and play at Bowraville instead? Why such a generous offer? "Vikings like the Bowraville club for several reasons," he wrote, "namely that we have some ex-players that also have a former association with Bowraville; Bowraville club display a true rugby culture, they have shown great support to the Vikings at after-match speeches Bowraville play a hard but fair style of footy, as well as having plenty of personalities in your club & a good sense of humour " Good on you Vikings and Goannas

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