FORMER Wallabies coach Bob Dwyer to TFF on Wednesday afternoon: "I would sooner watch the Queensland Reds lose a game than watch the Tahs win a game."

Bernie Ecclestone has made a creative suggestion on what formula one needs to boost its global appeal: "I don't care who drives. It would be fantastic to have a female pilot who is black and Jewish."

Phil Gould in an open letter to Ricky Stuart in his Sun-Herald column: "To be honest Ricky, you are the most pig-headed and ungrateful person I've met in football. I discontinued my association with you four years ago because I could no longer tolerate your petulance." Yes, yes, yes Mrs Lincoln, but apart from that, how did you enjoy the theatre?

Ricky Stuart not happy with two refs: "My players are improving but the two referees ain't." Come on, Ricky - you are much better than We Wuz Robbed By The Ref, surely.

Kurtley Beale on the ups and downs of being a professional athlete: "It was a bit tough. You try and help the media, be nice to them, then all of a sudden they are sitting on your back. They come on you like a ton of bricks. But then if you are having a good game, they want a piece of you."

Manly's captain, Matt Orford, denying the Sea Eagles are a one-man team even though they have lost all games when Brett Stewart hasn't been playing this year, and won the two when he did: "You guys [the media] can beat it up all you want that Manly is gone without Brett Stewart but you are far from being right."

Usain Bolt and his goals: "I want to be a legend in sports. I want to just keep the level of competition high so when I face the media every year, they will say, 'Usain was the only guy to, ever, every season be on top' - that's my aim."

Roger Federer and his goal: "I don't necessarily need to get to No.1. I just need to win the French Open. That's what my goal is. For me, it doesn't matter if I'm 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 or 10 in the world."

Danny Green on defeating South African Anthony van Niekerk: "Anthony Mundine, you called me out it's lights out." I doubt it, Danny, but at least it's probably a good pay day.

Kiwi former rugby referee Steve Walsh on his battle with the bottle: "I did something that was completely unacceptable, and pretty much drunk through the night and arrived at the conference for a 9 o'clock start and was definitely under the influence of alcohol." He was sacked on the spot, something that never happens to rugby players who transgress in the same fashion - if they're good enough.

Mick Malthouse on Collingwood's loss to Essendon on Anzac Day: "I can't think of a more disappointing result in a home and away series game. Unfortunately, I think we let the Anzacs down. Essendon showed true Anzac spirit - the reason why we play here."

Swans chairman Richard Colless on the AFL's plans to put a second team in Sydney: "It's going to be a long, hard battle, and I don't think the winning of the west is going to occur in my lifetime." Take a note.

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