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Thread: Estonian Rugby Union growing the game

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    Estonian Rugby Union growing the game has managed to capture some time in the hectic schedule of Chris Harding who as always is very busy juggling company directorship, with family and running a rugby union!

    Chris' official role is Director of Rugby for the Estonian Rugby Union he runs us through what the role entails "At present there is no political or social structure for rugby in Estonia so my first role is to establish this".

    "Rugby has been played here for so long without any responsibility for rules, coaching, discipline or administration so I have been busy trying to entrench this into all the people who have given their time to helping the Union".

    "Secondly I am responsible for arranging all of the games both in Estonia and outside Estonia and ensuring standards are kept, people are not hurt, and that no rules are broken. Common issues found a long time ago are often underage players played in senior games. My other job is coach to the newly formed Tartu team which is 120 mile bus ride from my house that I do twice a week".

    Estonian Rugby has had a bumpy ride in the recent past we challenged Chris what the immediate goals for the union are. "Rugby here has had a very bumpy ride. For 10 years it was controlled by The Estonian Rugby Federation. You need a minimum of 3 teams to be allowed federation status. For 10 years rugby was a one team federation. After a turbulent summer season 70% of the Tallinn Tigers (The old Federation's only team) left and formed a second side - the Tallinn Sharks. These players were angry at playing 11 back to back weekends of touring sides and there still being no money to cut the grass and buy kit etc..


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    I have taken an interest in Estonia & Estonian rugby since my son cycled around that country last year.The Tallinn rugby jersey is a lovely pink number that would put any french side to shame!

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