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Thread: Gits threatens to walk again.....

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    Gits threatens to walk again.....

    Mat Git-oh has threatened to walk if he doesn't receive the $1million dollar owed to him by Firepower.

    Don't get him wrong, he'll still play for the Force in 2009, but whenever he gets the ball, he would refuse to run with the ball, instead playing the ball with a brisk walk.

    Somehow, Gits has already started training with an unamed Olympic Power Walking Athlete to learn the art of brisk walking. He said his speed will be inevitably affected, but thats the price of not being paid what was promised.

    "See how they (the force) like me now," he said, in a statement from camp.

    Mat had recently spent an afternoon with Sonny Bill Williams, who has flown in from France to offer his expert advice on dogging his teammates.

    "I've learnt alot from Sonny. He's got a lot of Money. He said if things don't work out your way, you don't really have to stay. Just pack your bags and leave, though you'll leave all your fans really peaved, " Mat rapped, obviously picking something up along the way from Williams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gotheforce View Post
    Mat Git-oh has threatened to walk

    "I've learnt alot from Sonny. He's got a lot of Money.

    Now there's an idea. Maybe Gits' manager should approach Chock and ask him to donate the $mill to keep his client happy.

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    Just a thought but does anyone know if he invested any of his own money into firepower?

    I'm sure when he was first signed up with a lucrative deal the firepower executives pissed down his back and told him it was raining and how much money he could make if he invested some of his money back into it.

    I have been told he put $500 000 of his own coin into the company as an investment and got burnt, I don't know if it is true but thought I'd put it out there to see if anyone else has heard this.

    Should check out local french classes to see if Bianca is taking lessons.

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    I think it qualifies as investing your own money when you take some of the package as shares?

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