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Thread: What makes you smile?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyS View Post
    No, more fully the law references a throw or "the wilful act of a fielder". The last involvement of a fielder was the throw, and anything the ball does after that is irrelevant. They got it wrong, c'est la vie.
    if you want to be precise
    it's the "Overthrow or willful act of a fielder"
    it's also the last throw OR act
    was the last act the ball hitting the bat?
    should the batsman be given out for obstruction?
    either way, it's a badly drafted rule that doesn't have a specific ruling for what happened.

    just feel sorry that someone had to lose that match.

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    cider my arse

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    The key being "of a fielder". Accidental or otherwise, the batsman isn't a fielder.

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