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Thread: Giteau ready to walk among greats

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    Giteau ready to walk among greats

    Giteau ready to walk among greats

    By Mark Ella
    August 30, 2008 MATT Giteau came of age as a Test five-eighth in Australia's win against South Africa in Durban.
    Under coach Robbie Deans' attacking style, this season the Wallabies have used two play makers in Giteau and inside centre Berrick Barnes.

    While I appreciate the benefits of the two play-maker policy, I've always felt a team profits most from having just one.

    In the past, Giteau has shied away from responsibility; even having Barnes alongside him has been a bit of a crutch because he has only had to do half of the play-making duties.

    But in the 27-15 win last weekend, the encouraging thing about Giteau's performance was he actually played better after an injured Barnes left the field midway through the first half.

    Giteau thrived on the responsibility of getting the Wallabies across the line.

    Deans has asked his squad to play what is in front of them, but that doesn't mean the coach does not provide a detailed game plan before each match.

    It was clear the Wallabies were after field position in Durban and, despite his natural attacking instincts, Giteau followed the plan to the letter. He continually kicked for the corners and kept the Springboks on the back foot.

    Yet, he still showed innovation and guile with the ball in hand when it was called for.

    The match proved Giteau has matured as an on-field leader and tactician.

    Now what will be fascinating to watch in Johannesburg is how he combines with his new inside back partner, Timana Tahu, who showed in his 20minutes off the bench in Durban just how good he will be.

    I cannot recall Australia fielding an inside-back combination that had as much attacking flair as Giteau and Tahu.

    The Springboks will not know which way to look if these two play to their natural instincts.

    Both Giteau and Tahu will pose a threat to the defence with the ball in hand because they can run, step and pass as well as any back in the world.

    Tahu's ability to off-load the ball has the potential to transform the attack by keeping the ball in play for longer periods.

    If Australia's backs are alert to what Tahu will try to do, he will create many opportunities for them, particularly Giteau.

    I always maintained I was more effective the second time I touched the ball in an attacking movement. Giteau will have the same kind of impact if he trails Tahu and is on the receiving end of his space-creating passes.

    Tahu is not a kicker, which means Giteau will again look for field placement in general play, although halfback Sam Cordingley should be able to help him.

    Although he is still learning the nuances of rugby and lacks a little bit of game sense, that will come quickly to Tahu; I have no doubt.

    Giteau will be the one to run the show tonight against the Springboks. The challenge will be much greater in Johannesburg. He must control the game's tempo, keeping in mind the lung-burning effects of playing at altitude. He has to adjust his kicking to allow for the fact the ball travels further in the thin air.

    Above all, Giteau will have to cope with the hostile crowd at Ellis Park, one of the most intimidating venues anywhere.

    The noise will be so loud he will not hear himself think, but this is exactly when his leadership qualities must be called on.

    Giteau and Tahu will go a long way to deciding if the Wallabies win their first game on the high veldt since 1963.,...-23217,00.html

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    “Let me put it this way, A Springbok team contains Afrikaners, Englishmen, coloureds and blacks. It has parochial foes in Bulls, Sharks, Stormers, Cheetahs and Lions. It is a recipe for war! Yet in all the years of John Smit’s captaincy, there has never been one unhappy customer, not one voice of rebellion against his leadership. He is the glue that holds the Springboks together. The man is a legend!”- Jake White

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    hmm... tahu cannot kick. that could be very very interesting. i guess cordingly (like they said) and mortlock (??) would be kicking? last week that saffa-non-try was fueled by mortlocks un-new-laws kick come back berrick...

    god im a skeptic!

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    A kick in this game is like a rather nasty alcoholic shooter, only as good as it's chaser...
    Courtesy of quality South African commentry

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