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Thread: English question new rugby laws

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    English question new rugby laws

    English question new rugby laws
    By DANIEL GILHOOLY | Wednesday, 18 June 2008
    English question new rugby laws - Rugby news & coverage -

    Flanker Tom Rees has joined the English chorus questioning why rugby's laws are changing.

    The second test against the All Blacks here on Saturday will be the last match both teams play under the old laws.

    The Experimental Law Variations (ELVs) come into play for New Zealand in the Tri-Nations starting next month and for England once the global trial of the ELVs is introduced from August 1.

    Wasps openside flanker Rees said there was antipathy in Europe towards the changes and serious questions raised about their merits.

    "The general feeling in the northern hemisphere is that the game is going from strength to strength," Rees said.

    "Numbers are up so there is a question of `why are we tampering with a game that is not just fun for us to play but is bringing punters in as well?'

    "I'm not sure what the arguments are down here, there are rumours you're trying to compete with rugby league."

    A prominent performer for England in the 20-37 loss in the first test against New Zealand at Auckland last weekend, Rees admitted he had not seen a single game played under the ELVs because his Sky television decoder was "busted," leaving him with no Super 14 coverage at home. So he's an expert and in a fantastic position to comment on the issue

    "What I would say is that there does seem to be two camps rather than anyone sitting in the middle on this issue. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when they come in."

    Given the faster pace of the All Blacks' game at Eden Park, it appears England will require considerably more adjustment.

    Rees and fellow loose forwards James Haskell and Luke Narraway largely matched the All Blacks for physicality last Saturday and will hope for more of the same here as they farewell the rules that cater best for sides hoping to overwhelm opponents with forward strength.

    Their aggression did not allow the likes of New Zealand captain and openside flanker Richie McCaw to dominate as he did against Ireland a week earlier.

    "To not be out of your depth and able to mix it with guys like McCaw is a big boost personally and for the rest of us," Rees said.

    "Richie McCaw for the last few years has been the benchmark for the rest of the world. But it's not a question of mixing it with him one week and all of a sudden you're on the same level.

    "The thing that has set him apart has been the fact he has been at that level for 60-odd tests."

    Rees waved aside acting England coach Rob Andrew's public criticism of McCaw this week as a rule-bender, acknowledging exactly where a fellow No 7 was coming from.

    "The rules are black and white but they're open to interpretation," Rees said.

    "I don't class what McCaw did as cheating or gamesmanship. The fact is, if a referee allows it and he exploits it then that is good play."

    - NZPA

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    yes you have to ask why change when it is not broken

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    The only Law the English team should be worried about right now is the one about not interfering with women...

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    Thought the dollars in English Premier were good?
    Poor bugger can't even replace his decoder

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