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Thread: Injury List

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    Question Injury List

    Where do we find out the injured players in the squad. We need a list that is available showing all players injured, their injuries and the expected length on the sidelines.

    I hate to use another code as an example but the Eagles have it clearly on their home page for all to see.

    I think with us all still trying to come to terms with who is who in the squad, I think that it would be helpful to know which players are not available for selection due to injury rather than poor form

    Is this a good idea? Can we do that on this forum?

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    I think its a great idea, I'll try and get something a bit easier to find than just a random thread. Hoping to have player profiles up soon and we should be able to maintain those with current status of the player also...

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    5000000 used to be a good source of injury related news. But it doesn't seem to be current presently.

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