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Thread: Force Frst Trial Squad 2024

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    Wells is a grafter, he was stuck in the thick of it - definitely hot competition for those spots.

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    Watched through the match again, with the odd pause and replay.

    Observations around leadership-
    Williamson lead them out, followed by Medrano (Horton walking in mouth of tunnel getting passed by) Stewart and Harris.
    This is from the footage shown during halftime of the Pre Match run out.
    Live Pre Match footage starts as Stewart passes shot then Harris passing a walking Wells still in tunnel.
    At 42' Ref calls Captain to which Williamson responds despite Wells on field.
    At the 2/3 break Kaitu'u is referred to as Captain by interview and footage label.
    At Post Match Wells takes interview and doesn't flinch when commentary cross refers to him as Captain, however, he likely didn't hear that as no headset.
    My take, it hasn't been announced yet!

    Elsewhere notably-
    At the huddles for the first two Conversion attempts Spink had by far the most to say.

    In the final five minutes both Prior and Tiatia were instrumental in getting the result.
    Prior is obvious (Penalty shot and #9 duties), however, Tiatia stepped up taking the coms to the Ref re some technical Scrum questions and feedback, plus in the final close out phases he was engaged in each of the Rucks either physically or instructing the next one. He was also notable in D as much as Attack throughout the match. I often don't give him enough credit, but will feature in any of my 23's from here!

    Other bits I jotted down.
    IFL's box kicks for touch were impressive and promising that at least one of our #9's may have erased the traditional shithousery format... for now...

    Donaldsons Penalty would indicate he is a 50m range kicker (ie length of carry, not where he took it from). Was otherwise pretty solid and I would assume will start for the first few at least.

    Stewart continues to rise to a real Nathan Grey type of defensive #12 with hidden attacking flair for the right moment. I should like him more than I do as he is the type of player I usually love over the flashy types, but I guess a hometown bias for Pasitoa match time still clouds my view, I'm working on it...

    Really impressed with Harris, particularly when we were faced with so much D in the first 5-8 minutes, but throughout in his support play, mobility and strength in contact. I would suggest Schmidt may start having him under observation if he continues in this vein. Anstee likewise featured in that period, the #6 not so much...

    At the 47' Anstee went into Lock a Scrum with Williamson.
    At the 48' Wells went off, Williamson packed at #6 and Anstee stayed at #4.
    Soon after (in terms of Scrums anyway, 51' I think) Williamson was off for an injury (ie not planned) so didn't get to see if the experiment continued.
    Anstee offered a decent Lineout alternative.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of Hamish Moore, impressed me with the short time he had, however, it was towards the end of the match with tired legs around him.

    My take on the big fella didn't really improve, maybe slightly, but sadly he is a big preseason away from match ready and, at 33, one wonders if he can be bothered with that to sit on the bench.

    Leahy reminds me of a 12 month Kelpie, so keen to please and to run. Not sure if he had a tad of concussion after his try/right cross or just spending too much time around Tiatia, but may need to pick his moments to making the highlight reel v doing the hard graft. The ongoing Wingers dilemma I guess, but really hope to see him during the season due to merit, not injury. Should have moved ahead of Poolman now.

    Much of the troubles in the 2nd third came from being on the backfoot with the Scrum/Front Row. They need time and that's what these matches are about.
    The match thirds went-
    1/3 Force 13 - Reds 0
    2/3 Force 0 - Reds 19
    3/3 Force 8 - Reds 0
    From that, with a solid Scrum in the 2/3 and a couple of conversions, the Force probably earned a bigger win than we enjoyed.
    That said, the Reds would also have played differently than they did for a Scratchy and at least taken Penalty Goals on offer.

    I deliberately didn't pay much attention to the Reds, but did think that Uru seemed more solid, maybe even an extra 10kg.

    Previously I posted it looked like Callan had used his injury time well to bulk up too, maybe 5-7kgs.

    Overall, I think the defensive work they have clearly been working on will keep us in the comp as the attacking spark is there.
    It would be interesting to see the Possession and Territory figures as I would assume the Force to be well behind in both and well ahead in Tackles.

    This coming fixture will expose a lot more as would guess it will be back to a standard format and bench.
    Brumbies will be hating the heat more than our lads, so the opportunity is definitely there to continue the winning vibe.
    Can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazzmania View Post
    Siosifa Amone (knee), Harry Hoopert (knee), Felix Kalapu (hamstring), Campbell Parata (hamstring), Izack Rodda (foot), Papillon Sevele (knee), Carlo Tizzano (concussion), Angus Wagner (knee) and White (shoulder) were not considered for selection due to injury.
    Is Hoopert still recovering, or has he reaggravated the injury?

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