I don't normally read Greg's tripe but in this instance I am looking forward to getting hold of the book.

The Wallabies have tried all forms of motivation to win back the Bledisloe Cup. None have worked, as shown by the Cup being New Zealand property since 2003.
A different approach is required. Maybe it's time for the Wallabies to go back to traditional values and gain inspiration from those who sacrificed their all on the rugby field and battlefield, in particular two Australian Test players who died a century ago this week.

Anyone would be motivated by what occurred to six members of the 1913 Australian rugby team which achieved this country's first Test win on New Zealand soil, but who within five years would be killed at either Gallipoli or on the Western Front.

Two of those -- Bryan Hughes and William 'Twit' Tasker -- were killed on the 6th and 9th of August 1918. They need to be remembered, in particular by the Wallaby fraternity. While researching my latest book 'The Wallabies at War', I uncovered countless extraordinary stories of bravery, hardship and courage involving Australian rugby representatives who served at major conflicts, including the Boer War, Boxer Rebellion, both World Wars, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan.
Among the most heart-wrenching episodes involves 'The Sad Six': Fred Thompson and Harold George who died at Gallipoli and Hughes, Tasker, Herbert Jones and Clarence 'Dos' Wallach who never returned from the Western Front. Each had compelling stories.

More here http://www.espn.com.au/rugby/story/_...vation-growden

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