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Thread: Paranoid!

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    I was in Los Angeles that night. The movie was shown with no ads. They say at the time of the end of the movie there was a record amount of water went through the municipal sewage system as people held off going to the toilet until the end of the movie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The InnFORCEr View Post
    Or it could be this.

    I got a Golf Tip Calendar from my little nephew for Xmas, it has tear off page each day with a different golfing tip each day. On the back of each day is a little bonus, like a sukodo, or word scramble etc.

    This is what it had on the back yesterday

    35 Years ago on this date...
    February 28, 1983
    More than 60% of US TV-owning households watched the final episode of the TV series M*A*S*H. The series finale boasted a 77% share of the Nielsen ratings during its original airing.

    Pure coincidence I think Coach
    Cheers - I feel a little better now

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    Dear Lord, if you give us back Johnny Cash, we'll give you Justin Bieber.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren View Post
    Cheers - I feel a little better now
    You feel better that, in time for Christmas, this sick mongrel not only knew what you'd be looking at on the Internet, but knoew that you were mates with TIF, knew his nephew and convinced the kid to buy a calendar for him?

    You aren't really paranoid!

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    C'mon the

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    So i just read your initial post out loud to the sweet heart..
    She fesses up and says "Oh I was just reading about M*S*A*H too".

    So what? The two of you were both doing it? Hey we're a modern relationship over here, but a quick heads up would have been cool..
    ~ laughs ~

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    cheers auss...
    fabricarti diem punc

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