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Thread: Perth Stadium Open Day

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    And those insane cup holders ... ? Some seats weren't aligned so cup holders on every seat impinged on leg room quite awkwardly, reducing the space to get out of the aisle when going for more over priced near-pints. Then when people jumped up for another England wicket, seats flipped and sent whatever was in the cup holder over the feet of the patron.

    Fixed, glorified shade sails as a roof ... in the sunniest state ? Well, much better than WACA. I'm afraid I can't mention other west of perth grounds as I simply cant stand the place, however it's a magnificent stadium when seated watching the game in the shade ... but not everyone does that for cricket.

    Travel to/from can be compared to Sydney but not MCG ... it's a purpose built stadium in a location out of town, unlike the G, Docklands, Suncorp, NIB where crowds can disperse easily. Trip home was fine into then outta Perth given Transperth's record and being a commuter.

    Did enjoy the England win and enjoyed the streakers' comments about security, that he'd "still be running about the place now".

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    Probably just a statistical blip, but the 'home' side has lost every match at the new stadium, haven't they?

    Australia, Sydney Women (they were technically the 'home' side), and Perth Men.

    Bodes well for the Dockers and Eagles!

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    The Perth Scorchers won the trial game at Perth Stadium against the England touring side in December.

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