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Thread: Dave Wessels

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    You should put that in a submission to the Senate inquiry FT as it's very pertinent indeed!

    Here's the link:

    The more info they have, the better!

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    It would be helpful if comments were posted in the appropriate threads. I can't find any updates about Wessells in here...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandgroperrugby View Post
    Totally agree ie Respect I am a foundation member of the Force along with a lot of other members of this forum. The Force was owned by the ARU, they have not once sent me an email apologising or seeking me to stick with rugby or any other platitude. That’s what makes me scoff at the fact that the ARU want to keep WA strong from a rugby point of view. They have a list of die hard rugby fans that they have ignored and not conversed with apart from send me a request to spend more money on the eastern states rugby scene. Makes me very angry.
    sandgroperrugby the bastards haven't even had the decency to speak with the players and staff... Didn't Hodgo say he heard of "our" demise from a media release?? Makes my blood boil..

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