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Thread: Terms of Reference for a Senate Inquiry into the Future of Rugby Union in Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallabydarnd View Post
    there are so many questions being raised in all the above

    how on earth will there be time to raise them if it is just one more day with senate inquiry ,particularly if the ERU befuddle and fudge in their answers
    can inquiry go on longer ?? might need to have a senate standing committee!!
    The senate inquiry will have staff that will look at the paperwork between now and the reporting date in November how ever there will be alot of paperwork especially since the ARU have been asked to supply details of all 13(yes 13!) reviews the ARU have conducted since 2008. Willy was unable to say what recommendations came out of these reviews or whether any had been implemented!

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    We listened again to the minutes today, and what the ARU have done sounds even worse when it's condensed into that short summary. The stunts the ARU have pulled over the years is more than diabolical. I could almost hear the senators shaking their heads at some of the facts and events that have gone on. And yes I think Linda should probably resist saying 'we', as now someone pointed out it does become noticeable. But she did a bloody good job against Pulver being a rude arrogant prick. I hope they reread him his rights in the 'in-camera' session! What a tosser! Tony & Mark come across as professional & simply stating the facts as opposed to Pulver chucking a tant.

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