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Thread: Melbourne Rebels sale opens door to cut club, says former Wallaby John Welborn

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbasimplex View Post
    meh this has the potential to go on forever but I have no sympathy for the rebels or their 13 supporters now because of the way they constantly portray themselves (and us) in social media.

    1. We given given assurances that we will stay (force will go) haha.
    2. We in line for the chop now - what? How could that be us and not the force. Well doesn't matter our white knight cox will never sell the licence back to the ARU we're safe. But the force don't own their licence so they're done. Supporters actually backing their team with money to own the licence is silly.
    3 Hmm arbitration...well we agree with the ARU on that one. We don't need to worry about the assurances until 2020 because the SANZAAR knight of the long knives which boned 3 teams has changed the agreement now. So walk on Force.
    4. oh cox did cut and matter the VRU own us so we are in an even stronger position.
    5. look at the market. Melbourne will soon be the largest city in australia, doesn't matter about our juniors or bums on seats or how the team is performing.

    Illogical claptrap delivered with a level of smugness reserved for east coast rugby.

    Think it was said before during the 48-72 hour period where time has stood still that no matter what happens now the rebels are a dead team walking. The ARU have shoved rivers of gold at a private ownership model and now that particular river has run dry and all the indicia such as membership, sponsorship, crowds and results have gone south in a big way, the first thing the private owner does is drop the dead donkey rather than put his hand in his own pocket.

    Given the enormous (and exponentially growing) pile of shite the ARU is creating right now I would be surprised if they could stave of bankruptcy let alone give an organisation which has very little assets ,the VRU, money above and beyond whatever deals they do with the reds, tahs and brumbies.
    Exactly - at the EGM the Rebels showed no compunction in offering up the Force for the cut, so long as they were safe! What shits me most is the song and dance made about $4.8mill (whatever) for the licence, and yet no one seems to have bleated a word about the massive $$$ that's disappeared in this latest deal. Who the hell paid their debt off? Not a bloody peep about it, it just gets magically disappeared.

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    Are we sure the MRRU had any debt when the VRU took over on Friday? Don't forget the ARU made sure the company was debt-free when Cox acquired it in mid-2015 and has given them extra money since then in the form of additional grant funding. If they are still in debt despite that, then their accountants are rubbish!

    Maybe Lou can tell us? The company has not filed any accounts in its own right with ASIC so it's not possible for us to check.

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    I would suggest that if they carried debt into the Friday transfer, the Rebels need to be put out of their misery quickly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMSC View Post
    The Force may actually be cash flow positive this year, off the back of the biggest front of shirt sponsor in the competition. The irony being, if they turn a profit, the $ will go to the ARU (thanks to all the hard work the RWA crew, not ARU, did), with the ARU citing poor finances as the reason for cutting a super side.
    Surely, if the Force end up on the right side of the ledger the ARU would be honour-bound to take that off the licence buy back.........oh yeah. What was I thinking there? Uppercut delivered.

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