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Thread: Sydney Morning Herald - Team of the Week

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    Quote Originally Posted by GIGS20 View Post
    I actually find the SMH version to be pretty arrogant. IT is essentially saying that to beat the Waratahs we had to provide the best entire team in Australia.

    Not to diminish what the boys did on Saturday, because I do believe we should have made up a majority of the team of the week, however surely there were individuals in the other three teams who put in good performances and (at least) challenged some Force players for a spot?

    Obviously there was not one Tah who stood up to be counted, they rolled over meekly in the face of insurmountable pressure and aggression .
    It was a farewell gift. Everyone over there thinks we are still gone. They were trying to be nice, send us out on a high as it were.

    Arrogant just the same, with a dash of "condescending wanker".

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueandblack View Post
    The Roar TOTW:

    4. Ned Hanigan (Waratahs)
    Itís difficult to pick and Tahs players after the finish to the season they had, ending up second last in the Australian Conference and an astonishing 15th of 18 teams overall this year.

    Yet Hanigan has popped his head up and landed a spot in the team this week as he continues to show the fight and form that the rest of his side are lacking.
    Fox and friends has been pushing this guy for months now, a real crumb, laid a couple of sly elbows during the match - I'll enjoy watching him try this sort of crap against the ABs and Springboks.

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