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Thread: No more Junior games at Brittania?

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    No more Junior games at Brittania?

    I got a survey this week from Rugby WA about playing locations for juniors stating in 2018. Apparently the City of Vincent has issued a letter terminating the lease with RWA at the end of this season. This is very disappointing as I always found Brittania a great location to bring all the teams together (at least U11+).

    Does anyone know any details around this or any plans RWA has?

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    The purpose of the stakeholder survey is help make a decision on the future of Junior Rugby.

    Options are:
    Take the games to the clubs. Upside more revenue for the clubs
    Find another venue. Upside is that would maintain the unique setting that Saturday am junior rugby.

    One of the reasons Vincent want Rugby out is that it is catering for people from outside the city. It's a joke and should be brought to the attention of the Minister for Sport

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